All About Me

Assignment 1:  Best and Worst Traits
2nd Place!

Assignment 2: My Best Friend
1st place!!!

Assignment 3: Beautiful Baby
2nd Place!  Crowd Fav! & Host's Choice!!!

Assignment 4: The Wish of a Lifetime
Tied for 1st!

Assignment 5:  If I Had A Million Dollars 
1st Place, Crowd Fav and Host's Choice!

 Assignment 6: Sim Cribs
3rd Place and Host's Choice

Assignment 7: Super You
Tied for 1st Place and Host Fav!!

Assignment 8: Family Reunion
3~way tie for 2nd and Crowd Fav!

Assignment 9: Berry Me!
1st, Crowd Fav and Host Choice!!!

Assignment 10: The Golden Years

Game Over